Delivering the enjoyable days and places that makes you want to be... 

From The Neighborhood™

Hi, my name is Anthony Fernandez

Producer and Host of From The Neighborhood™ 

Be my guest to check out what's behind the creation of this website, videos and all the many things that are being planned and soon to come.

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Why did I create From The Neighborhood™?

The role of a great real estate agent in your life and their impact on a community is immensely underrated and misunderstood. 

I aim to connect with exceptional real estate agents that are heartily invested in their neighborhoods to talk about the neighborhood so that together we can deliver to the world the enjoyable days and places that makes you want to be... From The Neighborhood™

For over 15 years, I've been From The Neighborhood™ and literally having said this in nearly every salutation along the way. 

One day, I was struck with a vision, while watching television with my kids and then looking to my many life-long role models; Fred Rogers, Jackie Robinson, Cesar Chavez, Tony Robbins, Clarence Avant and many others, with the best set for last, Jesus Christ. 

My epiphany was that everything happens on, or in, real estate and we are all great pieces of this picture that make these places special. In the end, we all are From The Neighborhood™ and in many cases at the nucleus of this union are everyday hardworking local real estate agents.

Who is Anthony Fernandez?

My parents are from the Dominican Republic and came to the United States as many do to seek a better future for the next generation. They are both dedicated in their roles, smart & hard working. They are faithful and loyal to the American dream of home ownership and preach about how that dream builds communities and an amazing nation. 

Growing up in Brooklyn NYC, I was born into knowing the importance of connecting with the community and building relationships.  I was raised to be confident and forthright. My parents instilled in me to always think broadly, like a business owner.  They were always knowing that this mindset would be the doorway toward a better future for all. 

They taught me how to earn my place and I got my first job at age 10. Their core values have led me to hardly ever need a job application. I loved my experience in our family owned bodegas, I then owned a computer and design business, worked in retail, arts and entertainment, information technology, as a property manager and then a real estate broker. 

The one constant thru out has been my need to create, contribute and perform. Planner, director, photographer, DJ, dancer and video-grapher at every family party. Everyday and in every way it's showtime!

How is From The Neighborhood™ made?

To date, I produce, direct and post edit nearly every production. Recently, a few good friends have step forward and contributed.  Thank goodness! 

Our production has very little to zero scripting because being "at home" with yourself and others is authentic and natural. Why care about who's line is it anyway? That's the way you are and everyone loves a real character. 

I use the most common recording, sound and lighting gear (these smart phones are awesome) and pride myself in being good at picking the right weather, timing and places.  You can't make that up in any studio. It goes a long way in producing an authentic episode. I've found how to make it work since as a kid, every family party had no production budget and yet they would never trust anyone else with the camcorder.

What is From The Neighborhood™ today?

Officially started my YouTube channel in late 2016 as an experiment with the goal to bring "main street" and the everyday home buying experience to the world. 

From The Neighborhood™ is becoming a place to get to know those people and places you are likely to cross on your way to work and yet know nothing about.  

Centered around the real estate agent who is responsible for the moving in and out in every neighborhood. Rediscover your daily world, embrace progress of your neighborhood and grow while learning more with each episode.

Where From The Neighborhood™ is going?

Wherever there is a neighborhood...I'll be there; Seriously. 

At this time, I'm connecting with many real estate practitioners across the country (Puerto Rico too!) and understanding their stories, learning about their neighborhoods. We are learning about them to develop content and to make it known to the world that each of them are also From The Neighborhood™.

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