Below are a few clips from various playlists of the YouTube channel to share the work that's being produced. There's more in the works so make sure to become a fan and subscribe.

New Video

For this new video, I had the pleasure of creating a home video tour for the Pro Homeworks Team at Century Homes Realty Group

This is a bank-owned home is unlike anything you'd expect from a foreclosed home. The listing team worked with the bank to restore this house into a beautiful home. 

I had a great time producing this one and am sure someone will enjoy it even more once they call it home sweet home.

Recent Productions

Howard Beach, NYC

Visit Queens and tour an amazingly  large and affordable condominium

Morris Park, NYC

Tour a great neighborhood and welcome you to a coop for sale in the Bronx

Interview & Collaborations

What to build?

Interview with a NYC Expeditor on what is the possible use of a development site for sale in Queens

Loan Officers

The COVID-19 pandemic's immediate affect and insight on how activity lending may be able to continue

Behind the Scenes and How-to

The Break-in

A vacant property gets the attention of trespassers ready to invade. On the scene with police to re-secure a home

Building Mgmt

NYC Housing Agencies brings on more paperwork for building owners and here's what you need to know
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